06 Jan 2017

London has never been so Special

I did not forget my post about my weekend in London, I was just getting it ready in a very special way.

I want to dedicate this post to my best friend Filipinha!

It sounded really exciting to me when I asked her to post something on the blog picking up a subject of her choice !

I said: “Filipa prepare a special post to share with me on the blog, you can talk about trends, sites in London, this season must have.. something that identifies you and your personality.” The result? A surprise. She definitely caught me off guard surprising with this personal look.

Filipinha opens up her closet and prepares a look, quite irreverent and of course left a message that is worth reading:

“Together with Claudia I share something really special, a friendship and a crazy passion for the fashion world.

From London to Portugal, I want to bring you a little of what you find on the streets, combined a little of my personal taste so rooted in the lifestyle of one of the leading fashion capitals.”




filipa3“My personal style varies with my mood. Today I decided to combine bright colors with different patterns. Why not add some color to this jungle of emotions?

In this first look I decided to bet on something simple. A casual look that allows me to be ready in any situation. This leopard pattern makes my lazy outfit seem intentional as if I were using it as my second skin.

And then I decided to show the world that I’m not afraid to dress according to my mood, my “do not touch me” spirit is present, so I decided to take it to the streets of this town.

Who’s with me?” by Filipa Simões

My Hot Spots


Big Ben



Piccadilly Circus


Victoria´s Secret



City Center Art Gallery



Kensington and Notting Hill


Notting Hill




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