17 Mar 2017

The Caviar Collection – La Prairie

Cláudia Diniz

Yesterday I went to the cabin La Prairie to enjoy a treatment for the eye contour.

Pure relaxation in just 45 minutes, super tranquilliser massage with caviar on point!

This 2 in 1 treatment made my skin relaxed, moisturized, glowing and healthy looking!

And what products do they use in this treatment?

They called “The Caviar Collection” and is an essence of caviar extracts specially design for the eye contour.

This miraculous product takes care of your eyes intensively.

Features a gel texture providing visible results of toning, texture and firmness in the eye area.

Good news:

In the appearance of small wrinkles this gel minimizes it immediately.

We should use in the morning and evening after cleaning.

Another good news?

I brought it home to complete my daily beauty routine.

A product that all women should know!

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