28 Nov 2017

La Parisienne that lives within La Prairie

Cláudia Diniz

Who said that last week of the month were made to be stressful?

Well, I have to say that I am writing this article in a very calm and relaxed state of mind – although I

shouldn’t be since it is almost Christmas and everyone knows what that means in terms of cooking

process and shopping hunt – mostly because I’ve such a great friend to my skin.

Have you heard about La Prairie? (Of course you did, I was just teasing you all). Besides being

incredibly women-focused, this beauty blessing has been my night guardian when it comes to my

skin just because this time of the year represents many challenges in terms of skin health.

As a woman that travels so much and has to deal with a lot of environment changes (such as

temperatures and high altitudes due to the airplanes), I must say that finding a beauty treatment

that can be done while I am sleeping comes very handy, actually – and I think I can speak for all of

us – we really appreciate the move.

Last Friday I lived a majestic and very intimate experience thanks to La Prairie.

From taking a train (not so often nowadays because my agenda takes me to places that are further

away each day #blessed) from Atocha Station in Madrid (by the way, the most beautiful and

tropical inspired station I have ever seen so far) to Cordoba where I would be treated like a true

queen to finding what it’s considered to be the heart of La Prairie, I must say that my weekend

started in the best possible note.

Looking at my agenda, I had written three keywords as my mantra for the next two days at – wait

for it (…)  – Platinum Rare and Relax. Yes, you all

guessed just right. I have to admit that I put a lot of emphasize in the word r-e-l-a-x since I stayed

at Hospes Palácio del Bailío, a place that is a true tribute to the art of loving and protecting the past

as a historic hotel that it is.

So, I started my “Claudia’s time Agenda” with a treatment that truly made me understand how

important is to give love to my skin by recognizing that there are different creams for a reason,

despite being at my bed with no pollution or high picks of stress around me. Believe in me when I

say there is great wisdom in developing an entire collection that includes platina (first beauty

expert doing so – YES to this) and can assure rejuvenation, oxygenation, hydration and lighting. All

with one and only goal in mind – give us a new skin every morning.

Thank you La Prairie, it was superb and a little bit French.

Atocha Station in Madrid

Hospes Palácio del Bailío

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