09 Dec 2017

A Grocery Hunt Day

Cláudia Diniz

For those that don’t know, I am from a city just outside Oporto in Portugal.

Because of that reason, as a little girl, I used to visit a lot all of the little cities surrounding my homeland – it is pure magic to wander around my child memories, mostly because they are adorable and priceless. The little old town I decided to explore was Guimarães and I was right in the heart of it.

I ended up visiting the most traditional markets, feeling suddenly the need to buy some vegetables and fruits – none of them are remotely similar to the ones that we see in the biggest supermarkets, so I was feeling like a kid in a kind store.

Having in mind that I was wearing such a cool and powerful pair of knee high boots, a stumble upon a big box of turnips just crossed my mind, but CD fans, I have to tell you that I pulled it together and I nailed the pavement (I saw it as a runway, sincerely). Actually, these boots proved to be extremely versatile since I was able to wear them twice this week in totally different way in terms of styling.

Going for a more casual burgundy twist was the way to go for a lighter and more practical day. After all, women have to see beyond looks and just make it work. Wearing my palazzo pants in a higher waist made feel taller and leaner, showing off my boots obsession.

A cute PS:I brought two little bags of Portuguese fruit. I must tell you that apples are amazing, so I took my love for them to the kitchen and just cooked a cute (an hopefully) and delicious apple pie (fingers crossed).

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