06 Jan 2018

Ropes of Pearls – a major hit returns

Cláudia Diniz

So, it seems that 2018 is already here.

I have the crazy feeling that this past 2017 passed me by so fast that I could only use the typical expression ” in a blink of an eye”.

I am trying to come up with a sort of list what I’ve accomplished so far (everybody has a lot with their goals by the beginning of each year, right? Or it is only me? Perhaps I have some OCD?

Quite frankly I think I might have had come the point where I just achieved and conquered some things and aspects that were not even on my list to begin with – which is amazing and super exciting!How crazy is life when you start realizing that you have the skills and mindset to go the extra mile? That you want some things now that you didn’t? 2018 got me exactly like that. Pearls have been doing the same for me, lately – quite madly in love with them – whether as a jewelry piece or even as super French inspired cardigan.

But who exactly can blame for this sweet and romantic bound with these beautifully crystal white round pieces? Marylin Monroe was such a big fan and her sort of pearled chocker is such a statement from those hiper vintage times that we can’t, not in a million years, ignore the “Je ne sais quoi” that lives among pearls. Actually, pearls were, with no room for doubts, Coco Channel’s best friend (besides the iconic four real pockets jacket designed in 1954) since she used to defend that every tasteful woman should wear “ropes and ropes of pearls”

From the front of jeans to the usage of petals as bottoms, the truth is that we are facing a major coming back, and nup, not granny at all.

From Ellery’s to Zara, you can see if key pieces or in a endless casual visual.

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