08 Jan 2018

When Vinyl Red and Black Leather are the rainy inspired pieces

Cláudia Diniz

If you are a Portuguese or a Spanish reader, you are sure reminded of the last few days, right?

Those were kind of boring and dull, and we obviously know why.

When it come stop fashion, heavy combos are as fun as light and refreshing ones, but when it comes to weather, you have to agree with me that rain and wind are terrible when they decide to come to the party as a “couple”. I know that I will sound superficial, but they certainly reduce our outfit options, more or less, in 50%. Ok, I am a little dramatic, I know.

But let’s focus on what I am about to say. Actually, I have to say that I was not expecting to fall head over hells with a piece that was, always, completely out of my very own creative process every time I decided to pull out of an outfit from my wardrobe – and it is quite big (well, big is a euphemism). What I mean is that I’ve always deal with a lot of options for these type of days, the days that makes us wish to not drive at all, not even for shopping. The type of weather that only begs for blankets, fireplaces and a lot of cozy socks. Are you familiar with that?

So, guess I found that a have a major thing for vinyl (and) for red, not because this Fall Winter 17/18 has been blessed by this material and color palette, but mostly because when combined they really reflect the sexiness in any women and the true feeling of being free when it comes to a fashion sense and own style. You saw exactly that when I mentioned by red power knee high boots, I simply can’t fed up of this pantone and this almost plastic sort of materials. It is a BOMB in terms of statement, for sure.

Besides that, the Dr. Martens inspired black leather boots are extremely IN, so you better go and try to make them your own stuff in terms of styling. They are, obviously, connected to a rock star kind of lifestyle, but are surely one. Why? If you are reading this article and doing several things at once – from going to a yoga class, being at the supermarket doing you monthly math or even dealing with a meeting that you have tomorrow, you are, definitely, a rock star (even when you are a not great Nirvana’s fan).

This Winter you will me (a LOT) having fun with vinyl (because it is such a multifaceted character), black leather and, thank god, red. Although it is not the so called “Millennial Pink”, or even the “Generation Z Mustard Yellow”, you can never go wrong with lots of pops of red.

Besides, how much fun can you have during rainy days when you are using vinyl gabardines and

Dr. Martens? YES!

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