13 Jan 2018

Plaid it – using this trend as a verb

Cláudia Diniz

So, everyone knows that this season is one of multiple stars.
From colors to patterns and even materials, this winter we have a lot of to choose from. Since Winter is still on – at least on this side of the world – we sure have to be creative and take the best of the longest season ever (and yet. People, careful with the global warming – this reminds me that I need to address this in an article asap).
I used my palazzo pants in a beauty event in Madrid. The same was dedicated to La Prairie, so it was kind of feminine, classic and highly luxury, so I surely knew my way around the memo. I dressed up for the occasion, yet simple, I added a deep lapel black blazer just give a polished touch to the outfit.

However, during the first few days of 2018 I just decided to reinterpret my plaid palazzo pants.
They are extremely comfortable and besides that are not boring at all. You can go from a super executive kind of look to a super laid back or sort of “model out of duty” adding funny and colorfulb socks while cruising with a more neutral approach when it comes to sneakers. The funny thing about this day is that it was kind of a very busy day -I had some meetings during my fast and furious morning (preparing 2018 – a woman that plans is worth a thousand) and then I knew that I would need to ramble across the streets of Madrid – but still, I decided to go for my black high heels with no hesitations at all. Ride or die. Is that not what people say? I decided to pair my almost tartan pants with a simple red lace tank top just to decrease the level of seriousness – a notch at least – since it was a simple day of the week and experience tells me that if you are tied up to a long stock exchange meeting (who never?) you should add a practical and casual flavor to the outfit recipe. So, use plaid, be creative with plaid. Honestly, plaid it from head to toe if you wish.
More is more, so use plaid as a verb.

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