16 Jan 2018

Me, on how going back to the office can be fun

Cláudia Diniz

Serenity is a state of mind that has keep me going on. My super challenging (but blessed) kind schedules aka influencer’s agenda has been c-r-a-z-y in a sense that I seriously have been fighting for some personal time. In a more selfish statement, I meant some ME time.

In a way, I may take the plunge and say that most people are still processing this time of the year.

It is a moment of mixed feelings, right? Yes, we are already at full speed in 2018 but there is something along the way that keeps craving for our attention making us look back to some of the most amazing moments (and others not so much, I know) that are now part of a closed chapter, ready to be put in a shelve. My first thought is immediately related to the premise of – possibly – not be given such a fortunate year like that last but (and there is a good but), on the other hand, 2018 can actually be even better, even sweeter, even fresher. I am all in.

However, this is a pure scene composed by small talk. Honestly, who does not feel any hard time in letting go of the alluring dress-code, of the fluid long dresses and even of the major sequins game? I don’t know about your style approach when it comes to the past weeks, but I am a sucker for everything that goes from Grinch inspired Green, Santa kind of Red and Snow all white moods.

Long story short, going to the office is almost a process that I want to roam as slow as possible, just make sure that I am able to take it all in.

My number one rule is to focus of a neutral tone, not only because it’s January, but because we are living the Pre World Fashion Weeks – meaning that we are about to shop for SS18 and meet what will make us lose our minds instantly. A LOT is about to go down, so I normally look at January as a “detox month” during which I wander around whites, blacks, and even soft lines of grey. I want to mentally prepare my closet and photographer for a big explosion of yellow and lavender, for a cinematic parade of dazzling dresses and blazers, for a pattern party, for a coldshoulder- season and even for a sort of Texas-running-the-world style.

The best of all is that, stripes are still a major thing, so why not to take it to the business meeting as well? Ok, of course that a business kind of orientated agenda demands a different interpretation of every gene among our Fashion Genetic Code, but you can put your doubts aside and be certain that you still can be yourself at the office. I managed to keep track of my managerial side by pairing my cowgirl inspired black leather ankle boots with a simple maxi tailored blazer.

It´s super fun to combine strict and more formal cuts with a more laid-back reinterpretation.

Now, your turn.

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