02 Feb 2018

Valentine’s Day – a Cupid’s selection on demand (I)

Cláudia Diniz

I guess we finally hit the V’day.

This year, and I can say that it won’t be very different from the previous ones, I count on spending it with my other half – yes, expect to read a lot of these hiper romance related terms, because, well, when can I use them again without being too mellow about love? Let’s face it, I am a truly sucker for love, so let me be.

This so called very special day – ok, you can repeat it every year, actually, everyday if you want to – is a perfect excuse to splurge on pampering and just go, maybe a little overboard when the matter is love. Please, don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying that love has a price tag associated, actually, it is definitely the opposite. Love is such a magnetic feeling and sensation that is proven to go deeper that a dollar bill – we are talking about chemistry my friends, and it is amazing what happens in our body and brain when we fall in love with someone.

So, if you are in love with someone – no matter the gender or age – you just have to make sure that you are able to portray that affection and sincere care for that one very VIP person. You may as well think about being creative, because, more than simple goods, your partner just want everything to be simply good. (Ok, this came out just right, right?).

From a simple stroll at your both favorite beach to a big trip to the one place that that person is crazy about, you can go from zero costs to a super planned tour. Either way, please make sure that there is a certain level of surprise – unexpected gestures are always sweet -, because we does not want to express a major exclamation point?

So, I decided to be fair and help you find some pieces and accessories that can help you transmit your best intentions without being too dramatic or extra. The main goal is to guide you through the endless options within the market, so I will act as a fashion consultant in this sense. Hope you can hire me afterwards.

For her

  1. Faye Mini Bag : This handbag was a major street style hit during the last past two seasons, so it is a sort historical piece to go with. Black suede and black leather makes it a neutral and an on going option, besides, every girl loves a Chloé piece.
  2. One Star Plataform Low Top: The Dad Shoes trend could not be bigger than it is right now – oh, well, maybe it can – so, why not offer your girl the opportunity to go bulky (and taller) with these Converse One Star Platform sneakers? I am sure she will love it.
  3. Flower Bomb Perfum: If your girl is a wild flower with a strong personality, this perfume is the right one to offer. Called Flower Bomb and with a millennial soft pink associate to the scent, you can be sure to be right when buying it.
  4.  Triangle Bralette: you love to offer lingerie, you can definitely choose a piece (or pieces) from the gorgeous and sexy Lane Crawford brand. I was undecided between a black or red piece, but I finally succumbed to the red power. This “Love Lace” triangle bralette is a must and it will look marvelous underneath her dress – yes, she can wear it as show off piece.

5. Sunglasses:  If it is a love season, we should be all in favor of love. Don’t be shy and wear heart shape pieces. Be bold (and cute). This acetate sunglasses will act as and adorable joke, always in style.

For him

  1. Windbreaker: We are going for March, so it is still kinda of cold. Perhaps he could make an outstanding usage of a windbreaker, mostly because in Europe we can suffer huge wind attacks (per say), so Lanvin got you covered on this topic.
  2.  Wallet: This black leather wallet from Hugo Boss is an amazing example of how great practical gifts can be. Classy, simple and traditional, everything that a woman loves from time to time – ain’t nothing wrong with that.
  3. Watch:  if your beloved soulmate is atech obsessed person (Apple obsessed, to be precise), you can ring the alarm and buy the iPhone X or be a little more restrained and just focus on his business side. The Apple watch is a great and strategic gift when technology and minimalism are at stake.
  4. Chelsea Boots: We often hear the expression “These boots were made to walk” and that often comes directly associated to women – thanks to our dear Jessica Simpson – however, you sure have to apply this to men as well. These lumberjack meets Texas inspired leather boots take us to a sort of desert mood, which calls for major plaid patterns.
    https://fr.sandro-paris.com/fr/homme/t-shirts-et-polos/t-shirt-a-poche-floque-amour/T10859W.html?dwvar_T10859W_color=10#start=1 -
  5. White T-shirt: This one is one of my favorites. The price is so on point and cuteness levels are sky high. A simple white t-shirt with “amour” written on the left side of the chest – yes, right on top on the heart – to make it slightly romantic and yet, wearable every time he wants without being too literal. I simply love it! Or should I say “Je t’aime”?

How madly in love Valentine made you to be?





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