03 Feb 2018

Shimmery as casual as it gets

Cláudia Diniz

You’ve already forgotten that I attended Balmain Homme in Paris last January. YESSSSS, I was there (sorry Beyoncé, for stealing your line).

We all know that most of the buyers are still not present at this time and also, most news occur during women fashion calendars. But I can’t deny, I was too excited to miss this show. Besides all of it, I noticed a few girls walking down that runway, so, I guess I made the right decision when I just flew to Paris.

Paris is super special to me, not only because it is Paris (yes, being simply Paris is more that a sufficient reason to love Paris), but mainly because if the food there. Come on, croissants and the baguette are the best inventions ever, and not even pizza wins this food highly competitive game.

Of course, Balmain Homme collection represented by 97 outfits – yes, ninety seven – was everything that I wished to see (and feel) and even more. Oliver manages to surprise his audience by keeping and adding his own DNA to the brand, and not even when he did a super collaboration with Victoria’s Secret he lost his way or personal signature. When it is Balmain, we all know its is Balmain.

The collection was sleek and super polished. We were able to spot black vinyl, khaki leather and dazzling shinny mini sequins fabrics. Referring specifically to the female models, I found it quite greek inspired – a light and smooth touch from the strong goddesses that lived on during those times in a sort of military twist.

For this reason, this week I decided to feel the disco party feels without going overboard, of course. After al, we are talking about a casual and practical  – yet, dynamic – outfit, so dynamic that we can drive our own car, shop for groceries or even have dinner at a fancy restaurant. A knee sequins skirt isn’t anything more but goals, and for those that are still adapting to this trend – YES, sequins are here for the long hall –  we can pair it with a super basic white t-shirst, because it helps to downgrade the “Hi, I am here. Look at me” effect. Of course, and if you have super long necks (you lucky ladies), you will love these statement hiper crafted black earrings – also, a kira kira obsession.

Ladies, shine on.

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