07 Feb 2018

How to reinterpret the 80’s gymnastics mood

Cláudia Diniz

Do you know the music video “Call on me” from Eric Prydz? If you don’t remember, please, head over your youtube account and do your own research, because you are about to be lectured about leggings, colors, pumps and, of course, gymnastics overall. If you remember, please, hi five because epic music videos never fade.

So, moving forward, I must say that back then I looked at the production as a silly one. Actually, every time I heard and watched it I felt I was facing a certain Barbie world, do you know the feeling? It never looked real or plausible, although I know that that kind of elasticity is extremely real to some women – power to them, by the way. Overtime, I became more sensible to the matter because I realized the hard work of the styling team hired for that production. They, surely put a lot of effort when coming up with the mood board and I by imagining it I can only feel excitement.

Spandex is one of the most comfortable fabrics EVA so it was a little bit predictable – to say the very least – when I found out that one of the biggest trends so far would be made of it. From the coolest gyms in USA to the most coveted streets across the major fashion capitals, leggings become a piece of cult and  a must-have, no matter the situation.

I just decided to recreate my  outfit and added a certain je ne sais quoi made in the 80’s by a super gym influenced crowd. By keeping my upper part of the outfit as white as possible, I grabbed a super boxed denim jacket to reinforce my 80’s vibe. When it comes to my bottoms, I could I resist a perfect and classic pair of black leggings? You can do a complete workout in those or going for a brunch, so you can measure the versatility going on when spandex is in the house.

Of course, and although the Ugly Trend is here, Dad Shoes would kind of ruin this outfit. So I went for white kitten heels. They are super practical and with those 3cm heels you can be sure to be able to run in a treadmill.

So, are you ready for a gym class at the streets?

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