09 Feb 2018

Airport Style – how to get the “up in the air” kind of  look effortlessly

Cláudia Diniz

With such a tight agenda, it’s time to fly baby, fly.!

Personally, I don’t particularly love to fly. Well, I sure adapted to do so, but it will always feel strange and suspicious. Ok, I know that engineer is an amazing thing, but come on. We are talking about a gigantic thing (heavy) with people inside. But let’s move on from this topic and just dive in into my favorite part – Airport Style.

Sure, we can always dress just like Marylin Monroe or even Michelle Obama when stepping down an airplane, but I rather feel super camera ready in a different way. The Airport style is mainly characterized by loose, even sort of baggy and cosy pieces. The ultimate goal is to allow our muscles and skin to relax and breath better in order to deal in a more peaceful way with air pressure. Surely, and because for an influencer every scenery is mandatory for an epic picture, it’s fundamental to be strategic and take advantage of every angle and prop at the airports.

One of the latest trends is to go U-G-L-Y (did you see the collaboration between Balenciaga X Crocs?), so adding some typical airport signage and personas, from arrivals and departures screens to the stroll that carries your infinite numbers of Rimowa and Horizn Studios, will sure be a great plus to your portfolio of styling statements.

I decided to sort 8 pieces that – in  my very humble opinion – will help you pull off your best airport-self.

1. Hoodie Sweatshirts

Hoodie Sweatshirts are sure a must-have and one piece that you can not ignore. There is no more relaxed way to find and enjoy your upper part the outfit. Keep in mind that Logo Mania will be HUGE, so you better take pride on your clothes.


Hoodie SweatshirtsHoodie Sweatshirts

2. Stretch Top

It´s  super comfortable. As seen in Tommy Hilfiger X Gigi Hadid, these pieces are superb to be used as a strategic below piece. You have to show it, at least a bit.

Stretch Top

3. K/Ikonik Trolley Bag

Of course you need to add a personal touch to your outfit by calling for Karl. It is a funnier option to travel with and besides, the possibility of confusing this trolley with any other one is very low.

K/Ikonik Trolley Bag 

4.Antigona Medium leather Tote 

If you did not noticed, I am all for the all black everything mood, or at least, based on a very low key mood board. I chose a Givenchy handbag because every woman needs a handbag, no matter how big and efficient your luggage might look to be.

Antigona Tote 

5. “Cali Sport” Classic T-shirt 

Yes, I could not avoid the Yeezy version of the Airport Styles, since Kanye and Kim herself are the King and Queen of this style. It follows the maxi trend and it is possible that you boyfriend might try to rip you off, however, it is worth the risk.

Beige ‘Cali Sport’ Classic T-Shirt

6. Training Tights 

Lets be real for a second, shall we? There is anyone reading this that prefers jeans over leggings when the matter are your legs and finding your way around the airplane seats? Not me me, for sure.

Training Tights

7. Quay Sunnies 

Rule number one (ok, this came in number seven, but you got the point): never forget your sunnies. Besides helping you face the different time zones across the globe and the limited hours of sleep, it definitely brings your sexy back. Plus, they are back at the full speed – they were never out, frankly.

Quay Sunnies

8. Khaki Bomber 

The bomber had a huge come back thanks to Kim Jones and Louis Vuitton (by love, you were great), so there is no surprise here if I say that are here to live large and beyond. I chose a khaki color, because let’s face it, I was in the mood for dark shades but not for a ghotic appearance.

Bomber Khaki

So, enjoy the following looks just to inspire even more. You guessed correctly the airport is another runway. 

Walk in it wisely!!!







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