16 Feb 2018

5 Matrix Inspired Sunnies for Spring

Cláudia Diniz

I guess that time flies, right? We have just left our beloved Valentine’s season and are currently heading (at full speed, let me say) to the Spring (voila). Ok, I am not sad AT ALL with this fact, actually, it is kind the opposite feeling.

I know that the Clamping trend alert is quite strong right now since it will be spotted everywhere this SS18, I bet. I am on good terms with that, because don’t forget that I love layering, love colors AND I used anoraks and parkas during this winter – pretty much proving that I was already preparing myself for the plastic and waterproof trend ahead of me (even on dry days).

But what can I say? I am a sucker for endless sunny days, for warm and captivating walks along the parks, for some natural juices at the beach on a sunny afternoon. For that same reason,I decided to reveal the brand (Le Specs) I fell in love with and that, definitely, adds a super cool and trendy touch to any look. From a sporty mind to a more classy persona, you have to – at least – consider it.

To prove exactly that, I have selected my 5 favorites sunnies matrix inspired. I loved the name, and I think it makes perfect sense. You can find them in different shapes, colors and even thickness, however, one thing is certain: the size will always be extra extra small.

Wait, I think I might just found another characteristic worth of mention: they all seem to come up straight from the Matrix movie. Besides, did you see the look that Zayn and Gigi Hadid pulled off on his birthday? Let’s not talk about couple goals, but come on, they represent every stylist goal, for sure. Matrix ultra inspired, noted from the black leather and vinyl long coats and, of course, the sunnies.


It is, definitely, a more lady like pair of sunnies. With a black frame and a cat-eye shape, you can expect to seduce your Valentine, even after the Valentine’s day.


 This is a more risky style to pull off and of course, it pushes anyone furthermore. However, it is surely super fun to use since it adds a sort of futuristic twist to your outfit.


It kind of reminds me of Spice Girls. They used to include a lot of sunnies with colored lenses. So yes, it is a super edgy 90’s reinterpretation.


From the rounded shape to the platinum color, you can definitely feel dressed to impress in a more subtle way.


 It is a more 70’s approach to Sunnies’ matters. In a dark brown color, you will go a little bit more low profile than with the models mentioned above (and not so matrix inspired, I must confess). The dramatic tone is on the architectural lines and not so much on the size.

So, which one(s) are you going to buy?



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