22 Feb 2018

The 10 colors that will rule 2018

Sara King Moura

We have an entire year in front of us, which means that three hundred days represent a bunch of opportunities to go over every shade of the rainbow. It is amazing how millennial pink was such a major hit for quite some time now and, although black and white are the ETERNAL neutral tones to go with (no matter the situation or given moment), proving that light colors can be as powerful and vibrant as an opaque one is also a thing. We can also remember red as a must wanted tone, and truth is that we saw a lot of vinyl and knit living by the truth of this color.

However, have you already questioned yourself about the new trend colors for 2018? Well, one thing is certain, you can count on more than 9 colors besides de lavender. Actually, for those that did not know yet, the color of the year is ultra violet, however, and because in fashion colors are creatively fundamental and quite strategic, ultra violet became lighter and less invasive. So, lavender it is.

But let’s meet the other contents and realize what is in store for us in terms of color palette. I promise you that you will have plenty of options for every taste and style. Afterall, fashion in inclusive and 2018 is a great year to prove exactly that.

 1-Apricot Orange – for the curious, you have to know that a sort of an update on the Millenial Pink.

2- Moody Maroon – if reds were shy until now, well, everything is about to change. Light pinks evolve to a more grown-up kind of look.

3- Strong Terracota – it will act as source of inspiration and key driver of every other color.

4-Desert Pale – black&white will always play a major role in every look. However, tinted whites and soft neutrals will give dimension and depth to the looks.


5 – Disco Black – disco vibes will rock every inch of the metallic inspired outfits. For an edgy woman that likes to play with reinterpretations of shades.

6- Exotic Olive – khaki green is here to stay thanks to the safari one of kind inspiration for this SS18. But expect this tone to be alive all year around.

 7- Golden yellow – the natural and more mature upgrade of Generation Z Mustard Yellow. Shine on and prepare yourself for a head to toe look.

 8-Vibrant Emerald – green emerald has been quite strong since AW17, so welcome it again and prepare yourself for power suits and even accessories in full deep emerald.

9- Magnetic Blue – you have seen a lot during Couture Shows in Paris. From a psycho momentum during Maison Margiela to a playground of different hues of blues during Valentino, you will see this happening a LOT.



10. Mismatch Hue – no, it is not a recognizable color but it is, definitely, a tip for you to consider. Lavender aka purple aka ultra violet will steal all the attentions always, so you better know how to work with them. Add and clash neutrals and brights tones to make it even more amazing.

You sure have the entire rainbow right now. What a year to go beyond everything we thought you used to know about fashion.

All the love,

Sara King Moura

Fashion Contributor

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