02 Mar 2018

Alberta Ferretti on how to be Preppy – 3 ways to style a winter slip dress

Cláudia Diniz

If you still don’t know, SS18 is just around the corner. Yes, the winter is really doing its last tricks, so you better to put an end to some pieces that are now “too FW17-18”.

What you must have lost so far is that there  is new trend that has been making my days brighter, mostly because of my hometown. I may love to look flawless and dress-up big, but the truth is that I adore when I am able to let loose my softer and farm- Inspired -self.

Alberta Ferretti crossed my radar when she just turned out to be extremely colorful, fresh and unapologetic, while never loosing it’s feminine and flirty essence. Since her Monday to Sunday collection, I never stop loving her. Her SS18 collection is as superb as it can be, since she really gives the Disco Maniac trend a bad name – sort of speaking. From pastels to soft shades of primary colors, the collection is composed my simple lines and fabrics that can get along in perfect harmony with our beloved Kira Kira app. However, she launched a Capsule Collection that truly embodies the Preppy Girl kind of look – a style that mixes urban and city inspired vibes with a gipsy and farmy mood. From short and long lace dresses to full plaid shirts, Alberta Ferretti teach us how to have fun with winter slip dresses by styling them in multiple ways.

Say no to Winter – I lost the count of the times I wore clothes as I was heading to the beach. Go bold and believe that the low temperatures are psychological, so you can wear merely a slip dress. Add a pair of Dr. Martens and simple shirt on top of it and you are good to go.

Knits are allowed – we all know that the first days of Spring are always a little bit chilly, so you should definitely considered something cosy. You are now allowed to use a thin knit below your slip dress. Don’t be afraid of using bold colors or patterns. Just stand out.

Multiple layers and textures – yes, if you are of those people that have a lot of clothes but they simply don’t go together, wells good news. You can add them all to your winter slip dress. Narrow your options to a short plaid and laced slip dress, add a knit sweater on top of it and don’t forget the granny inspired knit coat. You are sure to feel a shy Spring ready girl.

Have fun, just mix patterns, fabrics, and lengths.




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