04 Mar 2018

LouLou – the Parisienne reinterpretation of the rainbow

Sara King Moura

Loulou  is what I love to call a fashion chameleon.

I was not expecting to trace her on Instagram and I was even less aware that she would have such a cool, vibrant and energetic presence on this enormous social media platform. When I met Loulou, she had more or less 15K followers, but she was already doing one amazing collaboration with one of my favorites handbag brands EVA – the Istanbul based Manu Atelier, owned by two amazing sisters – that I also adore. Truth to be told, It was – more or less – during that period that niche influencers really claimed their power into their own hands. PR managers and Marketing Directors started to realized that the true ability to influence someone was not necessarily connected to the amount of people following them, but, instead, related with a more intangible aspect of this wide web of criteria. Loulou had presence, charisma and she was a revelation of a new era of modern Parisian women.
From motherhood to her dynamic and colorful wardrobe, Loulou found time to answer my question during the so frenetic Couture Week in Paris. So, Merci mon cheri. 

1- Loulou De Saison it is such a chic and alluring name. Is that your real name?
No, indeeed, Loulou is not my real name. my real name is Chloé. Loulou comes from my daughter – who you may see from time to time on my instastories . For those that not know, her name is Loulou, and also, I must admit, it was inspired in Loulou de la Falaise.

2- You have such a bright and uplifting mood in every picture you take. Do this aspects define your own character?
For me, positivity comes from every single aspect in my life, from what I believe in to the energy that I put into this world. I am a true believer in karma, and for that reason, I try to emanate good energy in order to attract and receive the good that lives in around us.

3- You are mother, right? How do you juggle having the number one job with your influencer’s side?
Yes, I am a full time I was and I will always be. In fact, it is my number one priority. For that same reason, I have decided to quit the 9 to 5 ordinary job in order to have more quality time with my children. My Fashion Consultant skills were put a little bit on hold and I went full speed on my influencer job. Currently, my professional life includes these two dimensions, which is super fun.

4- I remember to start following your account when you had (more or less) 15K followers. Being a niche influencer (so in high demand right now), what has changed in terms of collaborations and creative vision?
Now, I allowed to choose with whom I really want to work with. I want to believe that influencers should stay humble but honestly, being true to ourselves is significant part of the job – the right and successful one. That being said, I now get to do what I love the most. What has changed is the fact that now is even more exciting, I meet more people and brands, from the mid-market segment to luxury and I can’t thank enough to my followers for that. Also, now I receive more requests for collaborations, but I just accept to do sponsor posts that fits my personal style – and I consider this a number one rule.

5- What are your true key inspirational drivers?
My inspiration is everywhere and it includes my travels around the world and everything connected to my country and city – Paris. I could talk about our Parisian flea markets, our French typical romantic places, our mandatory architectural history, or even our vintage movies. But by all means, it is our exquisite atmosphere that truly instigates my creativity.

6- As a French Fashion Consultant, do you think that you have the power to really portray the fragile and meaningful “joie de vivre”?
I hope so, but I won’t just portray it. That would be too apathetic for me. I want to modernize it, I want to strengthen that woman. The idea of the fragile Parisian is a romantic concept of our culture, which is alluring, of course. However, I believe that image has to be changed. The world is already changing, power is shifting.

7- In your opinion, can you express one of your “must follow brand” and a “must follow influencer”?
It’s hard to choose one brand only, since I have been blessed when it comes to the opportunity of working with amazing ones. Although, my heart is with Céline. Their social media approach may be super new (which not means amateur), but it’s a paradox on Instagram. As for fashion influencers, I follow a lot the Scandinavian style and, truth to be told, it is currently my favorite one. Besides, Scandinavian influencers have become my personal friends since we have been gathering on Fashion Week

8- How do you see the future of Fashion – in terms of luxury, premium and mid-market as well?
I see consumers looking for quality, savoir-faire and eco-friendly fashion (emphasize on eco). So, people will continue to shop, but less quantity and always looking for the best quality.

9- Any promise for this 2018?
I don’t plan anything quite frankly. I will continue doing my influencer job as I have been doing so far and, hopefully, I will keep finding the right way to inspire my followers, and always look for new kinds of.  I promise that I’ll keep them curious for what is coming next.

Well Loulou I guess you’ve already done that.


All the love,
Sara King Moura

Fashion Contributor




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