09 Mar 2018

When (Chopard) diamonds are (literaly) a girl’s best friend

Cláudia Diniz

Marylin Monroe was not – most definitely – not entirely wrong when she sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Frankly, she is telling the most truthful truth about jewelry, and who am I to beg to differ? No one compared to this eternal diva.

But first things first, right? So, I had the absolute honor to attend one of my favorite events so far in Madrid (my current location) and  it was a deeply breath taking experience thanks to the beautiful curation of pieces presented there. The entire event was based on a cocktail presentation where guests and influencers had the opportunity to hang with thousand of euros worth jewelry – not your average event, I know – while listening to Anna Ponsa, a super vibrant and fresh Dj that knows a thing or two about music and fashion.

Everyone knows that Chopard is a super emblematic, traditional and extremely luxury Swiss brand. From watches to stunning jewelry design statements, you can be sure to be indulged in and seduced by this high quality brand. From it’s founding year (1860) little has changed when it comes to the core value of the brand, but a lot has evolved when it comes to the way luxury brands look at their customer’s taste and buying stimulators. Maybe decades ago the way to a Chopard’s loyal client was merely by showing at close doors the new pieces – in a very immersive and exclusive experience – but I must say that I could get used to do my shopping errands (per say) like this.

The event was held in order to present the launch of two new collections called Happy Diamonds and Ice Cube. Personally, I think the names could not be more spot on, although it can also be considered too literal for the sake of Marketing strategies  – but then again, it is a super high-end brand with more than 150 years of history, so the pieces could basically be nameless that they would always be highly desirable.

I was not able to get out of the event without choosing some of my favorite pieces to tell you all about it.  It was super difficult for me to filter all of those super iconic designs, but thankfully by the end of the  Chopard event I had found the ones.

Happy Diamonds  Collection

 I chose two beautiful and subtle rings with two graceful and yet vibrant rocks on it.  I also fell in love  with two earrings that had also rocks on them. The earrings are a luxurious ode to Spring.

This collection is the bottom line of a love at first sight story, definitely. You can find diamonds in heart shape in a clear take on classic and epic appreciation of love. From bracelets, necklaces to earrings, you can be sure to witness the respect that Chopard has for passion.

Discover More (Happy Diamonds Collection)

Ice Cube Collection

 I was not capable of choosing only one pair of earrings, so I went for the gold and just got two. These two had two little and super thin beams  – one made of gold and other made of white gold – which in my opinion is a killer and brutally astonishing combo. Plus, and on top on that, I decided that my wrist could use some shine on it so I went for the triple treat. I chose three graceful and yet aesthetically remarkable braces, two of them had exactly the same shade.

This collection is super geometrical, which turns it into a simple, delicate and yet so practical for  your daily day.

Aymeline Valade is the true muse behind this entire kick-off sprinkled with the unmistakable 90’s Rock Style kind of feeling. So, this if the ultimate proof that Chopard is also able to reinterpret their golden ancestry history by keeping it clean, fresh, casual and yet so exclusive. Well, it is definitely a sort of luxury meets cool meets millennials approach to your casual look.

And let be clear on this, I absolutely love it.

Discover More  (Ice Cube Collection)


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