13 Mar 2018

My New Ongoing Foundation- Face Fabric by Armani

Cláudia Diniz

I know that I am – normaly – very  short on words when it comes to make-up routines and my all time favorite allies. I apologize for that, however, and although the opposite just keep happening when the matter are clothes and shoes, I consider myself a very simple “gal” when the moment of skin protection and a vavavum upgrade arrives to the show.

Besides being a very young business woman (who run the world? Beyoncé told GIRLS), I found it quite shallow when people bet on heavy make-up for the wrong reasons. Make – up is supposed to be a creative tool to enhance your best exterior self, and so many times people use it as a way to work on their inner issues. So many and many models – maybe one of the professions that are really harsh to the skin health – have been very vocal regarding the fact that they are Humans and they also have skin problems (even though you happen to not see it due to the photoshop and make-up). Nowadays, and even though the society is making a huge improvements in terms of self-acceptance, make – up is not always a light subject, mostly because I can not express how important it is to choose the right products for you skin type – this simple realization is, so often, the trigger for upcoming skin problems.

My skin is not always happy – let’s put it this way – and when that happens I feel super indecisive  about wether or not should I put foundation on. It is a very tricky decision, because on one hand you want to let your skin breath in, but on the other hand you need to fell more comfortable about that exact fact, right? I’ve been there.

I always felt a little bit insecure with make-up choices, mostly because I’ve already searched all over the place expecting to find the right and one of a kind foundation. One that is smooth for your skin, one that has the very right shade comparing to your skin color, one that has the perfect texture and one that is invisible for everyone else. It sounds impossible, right? Well, w-r-o-n-g.

I’ve just found Face Fabric Foundation from ARMANI, a liquid foundation with light buildable coverage and a mousse to powder matte finish.  It is quite amazing how it blurs pores and imperfections with a natural matte finish, without suffocation my skin even a tiny bit. In terms of touch, the foundation looks and feels like a soft mousse, but as the foundation spreads across the skin it blends with it like a powder. In a very cool parallel, the commercial feature models comparing the foundation to their own jeans, referring that the foundation words like a true second skin – actually looking like we are not wearing any make-up at all.

The thing that I love the most about the Face Fabric is that hit s the right complement for my skin, mostly because I am constantly on the go, constantly on air plane, constantly dealing with  meetings and I wouldn’t be able to look as healthy, as fresh and as (pretty much) myself, if I was wearing any other product on my skin. Actually, I’ve just realized that even my boyfriend could use and nobody would tell so. Fun fact.




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