18 Mar 2018

 Stephanie Broek –  the embodiment of change in fashion

Sara King Moura

In a time where fashion is becoming more and more democratic, it is amazing to realize how magazines are keeping up with this amazing revolution. We are all in love with the big fashion media channels due to their finger prints and takes on fashion culture, however and parallel to the huge wave of up-coming talent across Scandinavian countries and Netherlands, it is important to bring names that are currently refreshing the fashion-influencer kind of game by wearing new designer and niche brands. Most important, by having their very own identity.

Stephanie Broek is a cheerful young woman that chose to be vegan and fight for animal rights and a more sustainable fashion approach by saying yes to a faux statement everything. From how her 80’s styled glasses started to define her styling signature and how she jumped from politics and culture journalism to her current role at Glamour, to her personal perspective on how catwalks are no longer the only source of setting the tone when it comes to trends, Stephanie has plenty to say.

 1) You are the Fashion Features Editor of Glamour Netherlands. Most people wonder how they should start working in Fashion, so any advice on that? Can you share with how did you start working within this crazy industry?

 I studied Journalism and in my second year at college I e-mailed a few fashion websites asking if I could voluntarily write for them. My education was all about politics, sports, arts and culture, but it had nothing to do with fashion. So I spent a lot of evenings and weekends writing for online fashion magazines. It helped me build a portfolio and got me into fashion shows. During my education I did internships at ELLE and Marie Claire. When I graduated I already had a big portfolio, which helped me get my job at Glamour.

2) Until some years ago – not so long quite frankly – the big fashion capitals were the exact same as per usual. From London to New York, those were the typical places to watch for inspiration. However, today that is no longer true. Do you think that Netherlands has been growing strong in terms of fashion position and own voice?

 To be honest, no. There are ‘new’ fashion cities like Copenhagen that really come close to New York, London, Paris and Milan. In the Netherlands we have some very talented people, but many of them go abroad after they graduate. So in my opinion the Netherlands is great in training new designers, photographers, models, make-up and hair stylists and we are home to the head offices of some major brands (Nike, Tommy Hilfiger). But unfortunately we don’t really have a platform where this is showcased.

3) Working in fashion means to make sure that you teach our eyes and creative side of the brain to be free and analyze the most critical details without judging too much. How do you stay on top of the major trends, and most importantly, how do you perceive them? As restrict rules or merely guidelines?

 Definitely not as rules. I’m so glad the catwalks no longer dictate what is cool and what isn’t. I love fashion has become much more democratic. Trends can also start online or on the streets. I just try to soak in as much as I can (shows, exhibitions, Instagram, street style, the streets) and try to think: what is most relevant for Glamour readers?

4) You have a simply majestic kind of look. From a long blond hair to a sort of light blue greyish eyes, you look like a princess. However, your style exudes confidence and a quite raw urban approach associated to it. How would you describe your fashion persona and how did your style evolved?

 Thanks for your kind words. My style evolved in a very organic way. I started wearing glasses because my eyes got irritated from wearing contacts. Somehow glasses became my signature. I’ve always loved very feminine clothes and pink, but I have a tomboy side as well. Every morning I stand in front of my wardrobe and pick an outfit that reflects my mood. That is the reason why I wear so much color: I’m – most of the time – a very happy, cheerful person.

5) You present yourself as faux everything lover – bravo – however, we know that fashion is taking smalls steps towards a free real fur world and Michael Kors is the last name to stand up for faux fur. Future wise, how do you see this movement in terms of value and environmental statement?

 I hope many more designers will follow in Michael Kors’ and Gucci’s footsteps and ditch fur. I also hope designers will start using more organic and recycled fabrics. The fashion industry accounts for 10 percent of global carbon emissions and remains the second largest industrial polluter, second only to oil. The clock is ticking, we should all take responsibility to stop climate change.

6) Besides having such a major role at Glamour, you also have more than 43K followers on Instagram. You are a true niche influencer, meaning, you represent a true form of representation of a particular lifestyle, meaning, a powerful marketing channel for so many brands. How do you balance the collaborations and the content you need to create to give credit to the brands you believe and the “formal” job you have?

 Because of my job at Glamour, my income doesn’t rely on Instagram. Which is why I can be critical and so no to brands that I either don’t like or that don’t share the same values as me. 

7) We are super close to another major fashion calendar. Can you share with a little bit of your Fashion Editor duties for the upcoming FW18 presentations?

I was in Stockholm in January and in New York two weeks ago. Next week I’m doing a quick trip to Paris and then that’s it for FW18 for me.

 8) In your opinion, what would be the biggest inspirations and trends for FW18? Or in a sense, what do you expect to see?

 In my opinion fashion is slowing down even more. I think designers will just do what they do best and stick to their aesthetics. But I love that, it is also more sustainable to stick to your style and create pieces that can last a lifetime instead of just one season.

Check her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stephaniebroek/ 

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