06 Apr 2018

7 key-pieces to be Coachella Ready

Cláudia Diniz

It’s seem that we have, f-i-n-a-l-l-y arrived to one of the most desired months of the year. If you are based in US, you are certainly over the moon with the countdown that we are currently living until the coolest two weekends of all time. And then again, even those that live outside the US borders (me included) have just fell head over heals with the entire line-up prepared for those that love sun, good vibes and a long panoply of major style across the green and sandy fields. From massive names like The Weeknd, Beyoncé and Eminem to Tyler the Creator, Migos, Portugal the Man and HAIM, it is safe to say that we are all going to be California Dreaming, just like The Mamas and The Papas predicted back in the 60’s.
Now, who is shooting blankets when it comes to defining their style? I am still not so sure if I am able to attend the b-e-s-t festival e-v-a (well, still haven’t made my own mind when it comes to choosing between Coachella and Burning Man, so), nonetheless, I am here to help you find the staple pieces that represent the real deal when it comes to key SS18 iconic pieces.
The best thing about this 7 pieces Edit is that you can blend them all and come up with a full look or you can strategically choose one or some of them and give a different edge and touch to your own attitude and personal style. Let’s make one thing perfectly clear, ok? It is totally fine to mix-and-match “high-low” pieces in order to come up with a more budget-friendly outfit, but really, it is simply because it is a huge trend and it allows you to go beyond luxury designer labels and play with your creativity.

Personally, I would bet on two major hits for this Spring-Summer 18, so I would come up with an Street-gone-Western kind of look and just own it. And why not, right? in a time where it is fresh and acceptable – actually, cool – to wear cycling shorts (hey Yeezy and Fenty Puma) with kitten-heels, I feel quite empowered to not limit my vision, not at all.

   1-  Tracking the pants, please

These NIKE SPORTSWEAR Pants are the ones to go to, definitely. The new take on this classic was so exciting that the limited collection got sold out in just few hours after after the 1st drop. I hope you are one of the lucky ones, because if you are, you can take these to a massive proudly walk in California. They are fresh and high-waist, so you keep the vintage vibes.

2- Party in USA

If you are in a deep search for a sort of Maison Margiela kind of vibes but not so into the price tag, well, Zara and I have got you covered. These white leather cowboy ankle boots are exactly what you need to to be ready for desert and to, clearly, acknowledge that Jessica Simpson does not stand a chance after this glorious moment. Well, I also remember Miley Cyrus rocking a cool pair of Texas-inspired-boots to a big party in USA, so just go with the flow.

3- Sweet Cowgirl

Ganni has been one of my major crushes so far. How come a Scandinavian brand is so bright and colourful, right? But it actually is. I loved this beautiful sky blue silk top. It has such an adorable feeling to it and it truly reminds me a little bit of a sweet cowgirl that loves to ride her horse. I would definitely pair this with my sporty track pants to balance the look in a very light way.

4- Denim touch

Currently we have been seen a superlative denim comeback and who am I to ignore this democratic and so comfortable fabric? This Levi’s trucker has the right shade to go with the stronger hues that are going to pop thanks to the Ganni Top and Danielle pants. If you ask me, I would choose an extra large version just to give me the freedom to dance and allow it to slide from my shoulders.

5- Heading up

You can definitely emphasize the street version of your Western self by adding a head scarf. I decided to keep the one tone colour scheme, just because I really love the visual effect of it and because – and no one can deny it – pastels are the well deserved representatives of the “SS18 Most Wanted Trend” title. Let your hair being completely loose and add this Loewe head piece to give a more urban twist, and of course, a shade.

6- F stands for Fanny
Miu Miu brings us the perfect accessory to complete the outfit. Fannybacks, bumbags or even belt bags (whatever you prefer to call them) are here for the long haul (expect them for the upcoming AW18 as well), so you better know how to work them. This one is going to slay if you cross it over your chest, besides, it is super practical and safer.

7- Eyeshadowing

Go big or go home when it comes to eyes. Remember that you are in a super festive and infinite course of wild concerts, so you are 100% allowed to go over board when it comes to eye shadow – it is kinda of a huge trend. From bold and vivid tones, forget forms or limits that you once had to keep in mind, the bottom line is to forget the bottom line and just let yourself be inspired by Gucci, Marni, Missoni, House of Holland and Byblos’s eyeshadow work of art.

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