22 Apr 2018

Monsieur Saturday, the man you need to follow everyday of the week

Sara King Moura

Found Octávio on Instagram thanks to my self-indulgence – procrastinating on Instagram during 30 minutes before going to sleep. The man behind one of the freshest and most creative Instagram accounts of moment, tells us how he was able to be widely recognized across pretty big players within the Fashion Industry without even flying out from Ecuador, which is extremely remarkable. Also, he guides  us through a self-explanatory story of how an Aquaculture professional (not Aqua man, chill everybody) set foot into the shoe scene and how he plans to go from it’s latest collaboration with Nike to it’s own mural. Bonjour Monsieur, c’est un plaisir.

1)You present yourself as Monsieur Saturday on Instagram. Can you tell us more about the reasons behind the name and why is it in French?

 Saturday is my favorite day of the week (long runs, lunch with the family, wear shorts and sneakers). About the name everything sounds better in french! haha. Also at the beginning i was only posting on Saturdays which were my free day to fully dive into my illustrations, so it made totally sense to call it that way.

 2) Your real name is Octávio and you certainly love shoes. How did you find out that you had a massive crush on shoes – from sneakers to high heels?

 Yeah, I love shoes in general, but what really calls my attention is the style. The idea of how people mix color really instigates me, and of course, how they style their shoes. Sometimes I get lost in trends and end up buying sneakers that I don’t even wear but I love to see them in my closet because I love the shape or colour scheme.

3) I am aware that you are from Ecuador and you are an aquaculture professional, which apparently has nothing to do with fashion – at first sight, at least. How did you stumble upon fashion and creativity?

Ecuador & Fashion aren’t a thing but I needed to find a way to participate in the world of fashion with my creativity and that was how I started M.S, however, I can’t lose focus since I also have to work and live in Ecuador, at least for now. Creatively, I think that was something that grew inside me because since I can remember I was always looking to do something different and unique. Trying to find my own style led me to being more creative and, definitely, expressive.

4) Due to your two hobbies, completely opposite ones by the way, how do you manage to balance your extremely creative and colorful self with the more practical and scientifically oriented self?

First of all, a lot (lots) of discipline. My day starts out with a workout at 5:30 am and that sets the tone for the rest of the day by clearing my head up and giving me the energy I need to fully do my job correctly and happily.

5) I am curious. How exactly do you choose the people you want to feature on your Instagram? Is it simply a matter of amazing and new to scene shoes or it goes beyond it and you also like to portray their personal style?

 It’s always all about the style, about what truly catches my eye. I love to do a sort of Instagram Edit and just selected some of styles that I consider to be really coveted. In a way, I am a sort of Instagram Sartorialist. I’ll spend hours checking Instagram profiles and pictures, which is very relaxing by the way.

 6) I personally loved when you featured Christene Barberich , Haley Nahman and, of course, Jackie Skye. If you could define their style, what it would be?

 For me, they don’t follow specific trends, they have a creative mind which they reflect on their clothing choices. Everything works and it acts like a one piece image.

 7) Recently, you were able to do a collaboration with Nike (a HUGE deal) by having your signature designs included in the article “Why the Mercurial is more than a football boot”. How did it happen and what was the feeling?

 They contacted me, so you can imagine how cool it was to realize they wanted to use my illustration to show the history of the Mercurial shoewhich, by the way, I usually wear to play soccer. It was great, massive. So, I really do hope we can do more stuff soon.

 8) 2018 is just beginning, so if you could envision your entire year, what kind of collaborations would you love to develop? What are your wildest dreams?

 I would like to develop a long-term relationship with some brands, specially Nike, since it makes perfect sense due to the last collaboration and due to the fact I love the brand. I would also love to  do some in-store events as well, so I could make sure that my illustrations would grew more in terms of fashion relevance and more culturally present. When it comes to dreams, I think I have to point out that conquering a mural outside some big store in NYC or Paris, would be – definitely – a proud moment to me.

 Sara King Moura

Fashion Editor

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