30 Apr 2018

The non-hassle-key-SS18-piece you need to buy now

Cláudia Diniz

Call me weirdo, but sometimes I look at my closet and I start doing some math (well, I kinda hate math, but I assure it all revolves around sums and subtractions). Besides several basic and neutral t-shirts (thank God for their existence) I consider my outfit a real struggle for those mornings (maybe I should mention d-a-y-s) characterized by a profound chaotic schedule or by high-levels of laziness – come on, I am Human. I love my closet, I mean it, but in a time where reclaiming feminine power is a must and where words of equality and freedom are the most googled ever, I can’t stop thinking in a more immediate, simple and laid-back version of the Power Suit Statement.

SS18 has a lot to offer in terms of trends to watch, but the one that is speaking directly to my heart is the one that comprehend Jumpsuits or, for those that are simply in love with practicality, Utility Suits. These have arrived in a monumental anti-reflection of the previous sexed-up jumpsuits seen during the last few seasons, so you are not mistaken when the first words that come across your mind when imagining yourself in one of those is (drum rolls please), slouchy – meaning: not tight-fitting or rigid in shape AT ALL and able to dress in less than 10 seconds (word).

They were spotted at Miu Miu  Sportmax, Gucci and even Tibi and Zadig & Voltaire, which proves to us that designers are really calling back this staple piece and redoing it in a more masculine, free and unapologetic way. You can have it all, from a military and mechanic-gone-feminine reinterpretation to a more vintage and even elegant structure.

Mechanic day
This Miu Miu is the true representation of how Mechanics can be cool and fashionable. Most important, it looks so comfortable that you are going to wish to be allowed to wear it during your  long Monday meetings. Right? Right? https://www.net-a-porter.com/pt/en/product/1015036/Miu_Miu/color-block-cotton-blend-jumpsuit

Safari Stroll

ALEXACHUNG is not afraid to show her point of view when it comes to feminine power struggle. Indeed, she stands for a sort of  “no-longer-masculine-held-closet” by giving us the perfect Utility Suit in a Denim Safari mood. https://www.net-a-porter.com/pt/en/product/995627/ALEXACHUNG/denim-jumpsuit

Sexy cut-offs

Roksanda loves women and invites them to celebrate (entirely) their bodies. If you love a one piece staple but is still mandatory to be as feminine and lady-like as it can be, you should then go for this one open back and silk-blend fabric with a sleeveless design and frilled halterneck. How classy and modern is this?https://www.brownsfashion.com/pt/shopping/ruscha-open-back-jumpsuit-12474285

Wrapping Plaid

We all know that plaid has been proving to be strong as a rock. It is here for it’s second season in a row of pure street style success. Who said that it would only work in tailored blazers or pencil skirts? The truth is that Ace&Jig brought us a super light and happy embroidered cotton jumpsuit coloured in sky blue,  white on white and warm beige, perfectly made for those days in the countryside or for a very hot Sunday eating your ice-cream at the Park.

Not into making the entire look

Who does not love a more edgy and urban version of the Jumpsuit? From a dark blue hue to a maxi logo straps, you know you are owing the character when the piece is baggy enough to fit in another you – Ok, half of you. D-ANTIDOTE did this perfectly and I think we should all get it (Bella Hadid did).

Farmy vibes

Fast Fashion has always something incredibly good for us – and I am not only mentioning the attractive price-point. This jumpsuit with suspenders and V-neck is a subtle, polished and radiant version of a farm-inspired styling. You can, obviously, go with a Jacquemus touch and add an extra extra large wide-brimmed hat.



So, have you find your key-jumpsuit style?





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