15 May 2018

The massive trend that came all way from SS17

Cláudia Diniz

Everyone that is minimally into Fashion (with all its’s quirkinesses) is very much aware of it’s recycling aspect when it comes to staple pieces, patterns, fabrics, colours and even trends (per se). For what it matters the most, it’s simply natural to see some things come and go (others not so much, thank God), so people – in a very visible attempt to take the most of their previous investments – live on in a permanent haze of selecting the right key-pieces for each season, most of the times, accordingly to what they see on the runaway and on the streets (not necessarily in this order).

The trend that I’ve been massively in love with takes me to a Little House on the Prairie” kind of mood. The color palette was almost exclusively made of pastels and the long dresses keep triggering such a farm-inspired vibe that really takes to me to the thought of a warm and permanent getaway. We are, obviously, talking about the straw bag – also known as Basket Bag” – which, I’m sure, has the extraordinary power to put you on an airplane and make you fly to your very well deserved next holiday destination.

Ok, this is not entirely a groundbreaking trend and yes, you’ve already spotted this on the streets (beaches, poolsides, sunsets AND pretty much everywhere to be fair) during our last SS17, but truth to be told, this one is too good to be neglected, so straw bags paved it’s own way to 2018.

We have been seeing people wearing them in multiple ways and in such a wide spectrum of contexts that I truly believe that there is no space or mood limitations to this particular style. You can go from a very casual and laid back styling ideally thought for a breezy and relaxed Sunday morning to a very feminine and bossy mood, where the keywords are Doing business” without giving up of this playful, subtle and so romantic touch.

You can find endless combos and styles at different price ranges (Yes to fast fashion, right?), and my favourites go from the Ark Mini bambo clutch from Cult Gaia to the Harley Rattan from Mark Cross, from the Dircle from Dune London to the Roundie Clutch from Posse and, finally, from the sold-out Large Logo Tote from LOEWE to the gloriously handmade Heimat XX Satchel from Heimat-Alantica. So, just have fun adding such a delightful accessory to your very personal style; come on, it’s Spring time.


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