05 Jun 2018

Living Stories at TGV

Cláudia Diniz

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve last given news. Between trips, events and meetings, this week I stopped at my desk to organize the most important  things that marked these days. One if them, is the commemoration of the 35 years of the TGV Interiors. For decoration lovers (like me) this event was mandatory. An event held in the historic area of Porto, in a building renovated by the company Fine and Country.

TGV decorated 2 different apartments, to share their fantastic work that they have done over the years. The idea was not only to discover spaces prepared by the decoration team, but to enjoy the cocktails that they had prepared for all the clients and friends of the brand.

The decor was super trendy, modern and with extremely good taste and refinement, just like the brands DNA.

I was so in love with everything, that I took the opportunity to photograph 2 different looks in the 2 apartments.

You can see by the pictures how they describe my words.

Takes Note:

Soon TGV Interiores will launch an online shopping site where you can buy all the pieces you want and were you can also discover my favorite pieces.

Love TGV!








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