11 Jun 2018

7 killer Swimsuits to buy now and wear ASAP

Cláudia Diniz

Spring has been playing the shy card with us, but we strongly kept believing that warmer and sunnier days were just ahead of us. As a Portuguese woman, I am completely used to deal with different climates every time I travel, so I always realize how many times I think about my beloved homeland weather. Lately, I was feeling very frustrated since I was trying to put a good effort into curating my Spring-Summer looks and key-pieces, but this “greyish” permanent sort of mood was having a serious toll on me. So, and because I strongly believe that those uncoloured days are now finally over, I’ve decided to do a highly curated shopping-page to help you find the best pieces for your next vacay mode.
I know that a lot of women may think that Swimwear is like a permanent category, with no great wisdom associated to it and normally perceived as a piece with a non existent expiration date on them, however, it’s crucial to realize that bikinis and one-piece bathing-suits should also be included in your budget. Emphasis on one-piece a.k.a swimsuits a.k.a trikinis, the ultimate trend.
From a 60’s vibe to a 90’s Baywatch mood, you can be sure to have multiple encounters with polka-dots and a lot of stripes. A sort of Gypsy meets Western vibe is going to take every beach by storm, so expect frills in different shapes and sizes. Minimal and straight lines are considered to be a great hit as well, and those paired with sensual high-cut bottoms will make a bombing team.
If, by any means, you are still looking at your two-piece you’ve had since that family beach trip 10 years ago, you might as well close that drawer immediately and force yourself to read this helpful article on how to take the best of the current trend and go for the coolest brands.
By the way, I thought about everything and everyone of you out there, so you’ll be able to find swimwear staple from all price ranges and from multiple origins. And yes, you can meet two Portuguese brands (Oiôba and Voke) that have been shaking off the market, proving that when it comes to beach, we really know our game just right.

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