24 Oct 2018

We Will Always Have Leather

Cláudia Diniz

This season leather and animal skins are a huge trend. You have probably seen it already when you were doing window shopping or reading a magazine. But today we are talking specifically about leather, that flexible and durable material that comes from cows or cattle. Nowadays we use leather to do various goods, from automobile seats to clothing and footwear or furniture, and we have been using it since 2200 BC.
Today we are more concern about our planet and the environment impact that manufacturing clothes is having in our carbon footprint. Especially leather that makes our carbon footprint and water footprint grow.

Did you know that it takes between 25 to 40 years for a piece of leather do decompose?
So, some designers took the blame and tried to come up with different materials that are similar to leather, eco-leather for example. Stella McCartney is one of the most iconic brands that doesn’t wear any leather or fur, andother brands like Burberry, Versace, Gucci, Michael Kors, Armani, Tom Ford, Vivienne Westwood, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein have already announce their intention to stop using materials from animals.
Well, this season you can look up to Loewe, MiuMiu, Givenchy, Hermès and Stella McCartney for inspiration. And on the streets have a look at  Negin Mirsalehi, Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio. Don’t be afraid to use this trend, you can to a total look with a leather dress or just details with leather shoes or bag. Pair it with white tees or chunky knits for a effortless look or a lace body for a cool night out look.
The lesson today is to have fun with fashion and at the same time make the best choice helping to protect our environment.

Olivia Palermo via Pinterest

Gigi Hadid via Pinterest

Negin Mirsalehi via Pinterest


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