03 Nov 2018

British Luxury Fashion House


As we well  know, the traditional check pattern is, without a doubt, the DNA of Burberry and how the Londoners would say: the proper British brand.

Born in 1856 with Thomas Burberry, at the age of 21,  established this brand with the propose to protect people from the cold weather in England. So in 1879 he invented the British Luxury Fashion House  Gabardine , a breathable, weatherproof and hardwearing fabric that revolutionised rainwear, it was even used during the First World War, this functional design included several upgrades that permitted the troops to store gloves, whistles, grenades and guns.

With Christopher Bailey, the Design Director since 2001, the brand became  a pioneer in establishing as an independent charity, in being the first brand to lifestream a fashion show and the first luxury brand to join the ethical trading initiative. In 2018 this brand takes one more step into celebrating diversity with the Rainbow Vintage check throughout its February collection and dedicated to support LGBTQ groups around the world. Ricardo Tisci becomes the new chief Creative Officer and starts a new era at Burberry.

Tisci is knowned for his skill in blending streetwear with high fashion is highly relevant to today’s luxury consumer.

Know you are probably asking if this is a history class or a shopping page blog post. Well it’s both, because to appreciate luxury brands you need to learn the history of that house in order to understand their ideals. You know why the Burberry trench coat is so iconic and maybe you are more inclined to have one in your wardrobe! 

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