06 Feb 2019

A statement on my feet

Cláudia Diniz

We have been seen a lot of colours popping up, mostly due to the Scandinavian influence – who would have thought that the minimalist and clean vibe from the most northern places could be as colourful as a rainbow, right?

For this sunny day I’ve decide to take a walk at Palácio da Justiça, a historical monument that exudes a monumental feeling every time we stand just in from it. Mainly characterized by this sort of perfect juxtaposition of bold lines and intricate details, the architectural mindset was key to reinterpret my entire outfit. From choosing an oversized white shirt and match it with leather shorts, my style had a five premise – take to it to Texas without giving up on my city inspired image and homeland signature. Although I’m wearing quite a statement on my feet, you realize that my outfit breaths due to the lightness of the shirt. The Dior boots have a kind of “rock and roll” but it is in the Western deserts where I’m truly able to get the core DNA of this look.

Sure, you should always have fun with your style and include one or two elements that respect and playing along with key-trends of the season. But make it effortless and above all, make it yours.

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