09 Feb 2019

Maldives, heaven on earth

After finishing 2018 in the best way, in a fantastic destination like Dubai, it was time to enter the new year recharging energies in paradise. Yes, the Maldives are truly Heaven on earth. We had never been in a place with such stunning natural beauty, so the dream destination came true.

Our Trip


Dhigali Hotel

After from Dubai, we finally landed in Male (capital of the Maldives), where we took the seaplane to Dhigali Island, a journey that took about 45 minutes. Imagine only the sensation of flying over a huge turquoise blue sea, privileging a flight with an incredible panoramic view of the immense islands scattered in that sea. There is an adrenaline rush mixed with a bit of fear since I overall aspect of the plane (they tend to be fragile ) imposed respect; however and with those wonderful sights I quickly let myself be abstracted. Even landing was a fabulous feeling, literally landing on the surface of the water I confess it’. Actually, it is a lot smoother than I was expecting.

We stayed for eight days at the Dhigali Hotel and we have chosen this hotel mainly because it is avery recent hotel (18 months) and with a very modern decoration and had extremely positive feedback. The hotel offers eight different types of accommodation and ours was Lagoon Villas with private pool and a suite of 117m2 on the water.

Our Accommodation

The room is large and modernly decorated, where colors such as whites and blues predominate. The room has huge windows that allow you to enjoy a privileged view over a huge mantle of turquoise water. There are no words to describe the serenity and good energies we felt there every single morning. The outside space is composed of a porch made of wood, with a sofa and two sun loungers where we were able to relaxe and enjoy our private pool on the water, where we took lots of pictures and had fun times.

We were isolated on an island so there were not many tourist sites to visit or even shops. What the island has to offer is mainly water activities, relaxing massages, great places for our meals and the stunning opportunity to contemplate a sunset and breathtaking nature. So, after two days of exploring the whole island we felt that was also good to just stop to do so and simply do nothing or almost nothing. After all, we were on vacation, right? Truth be told, there is nothing better than sunbathing in our private pool and dating A LOT. And of course, keep working on content so I share with you all bits.

Daily Routine

We had some rituals on the island. In the morning, the hotel presented us with a delicious and healthy breakfast, from which we could find pancakes with peanut butter and fruit to accompany.
During the morning, we also did not give up on going to the gym because we find it important to avoid neglecting that part of our lives. Besides, the island itself promotes a healthy lifestyle by shedding some light into an awareness of a respectful attitude towards nature. Already at the end of the day, we always saw the sunset accompanied by a good wine and a soothing environment.

Where to Eat

In the hotel we were given the opportunity to chose from seven different restaurants and bars, so every single one of them had something in common, wether it might be a breathtaking view of the beach and the island or the simply peace that came with that superb location.

Carpers is a restaurant that serves buffet for breakfast and dinner, always betting on foods with more international flavors and local delicacies. In the morning, it was at Carpers that I ate my wonderful pancakes, as were the salads and wraps when we opted for a more relaxed dinner.

Our choice for more characteristic dinners was the Battuta Restaurant. The Battuta is known for the food tastes of the Middle East and Asia, where we can make a trip through these countries without leaving the Maldives. Excellent, right? The cherry on top of the entire scenario was, in fact, the Jungle inspired décor, since it truly helped providing a distinctive climate from these countries.

The lightest and most delicious lunches were in the East restaurant. And when I was already missing a good detox juice or when in the middle of the afternoon we decided to eat something faster so we could make the most of our day, our choice was Cafe Bar.


Every now and then – quite often, to be true – we watched the sunset that magically disappeared on the horizon line of the turquoise sea while having the company of a magnificent drink from the Haali Bar.

Dhigali SPA

There were several experiences we enjoyed throughout our stay. The Hotel had a Spa that islocated within an environment that resembles a spiritual retreat. Who remembers my photo in the bathtub with flowers? Well, that morning was designed and curated for relaxing and therapeutic moments for two.


Back to our suite, one of the activities we did was snorkeling, which refers to an aquatic activityperformed in waters with high transparency and shallow, but which allows to observe a colorful and diverse fauna and flora. And believe me, this was such a new level sort of unbelievable experience thanks to this has lead us to spotting sting rays and sharks . Yes, I did mentioned sharks, but do not worry, they were just baby sharks.

What to Wear

Throughout the several photos I’ve managed to check some of my looks chosen for this trip. But let’s face it, when we are on vacation our first thought when we have “taking over the beach” as a plan, always lands on “which bikini or swimwear should I bring?” right? Ok, now add this vision to the actual moment when you realize that you are going to be strolling on idyllic ambiances. This pretty much equals to tons bikinis and swimsuits from my beloved Calzedonia and El Corte Inglês..The only criteria that I think is important to share is the faithfulness attitude towards basic color schemes since they will always facilitate the combination between them.

The Pé de Chumbo brand was the brand chosen to complete all my looks because all the pieces had a certain “Je ne sais quoi” that made them match perfectly with my basic ones. And believe me, the outcome was gloriously superb, making me feel like a true queen of salty lands kissed by simplicity and classiness, allowing me to intertwine with the landscape.


I consider this a highlight from this trip, since all of our travel come down to this very unique moment of tetris. It is very important to take care of our skin when we are exposed to the sun, so never forget to take sunscreen, sunblock, after sun bath and thermal water. Make-up is pretty simple or even none during the day, but never forget a bronzer if you love that little darker aesthetic. And of course, to keep not only in our memory the landscapes and incredible moments spent in the place, never forget the camera and power bank so that you never lack the battery in that special moment. We do not want to miss the opportunity to take that perfect shot and record the videos to remember later.

A Lovable Farewell

The last day, and for logistical reasons, we changed islands. We stayed at Velassaru Maldives because the distance between the hotel and the airport could be made by speedboat, giving us the opportunity to enjoy every minute of our little extra time there. We woke up at 6 a.m to see the sunrise and bid farewell to our so-called almost-ended-daily-routine (breakfast, gym and beach)

We can not fail to emphasize that our water Villa had an architecture inspired in traditional design, which is extremely characteristic of the water villas in the Maldives.

We arrived at the end of our dream vacation immersed in a fresh feeling of accomplishment and energies renewal by discovering our paradise on earth.

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