19 Feb 2019

OFF-WHITE for an OFF-Day

Cláudia Diniz

Everyone know how chaotic my life can be since I’m constantly traveling, not only to Madrid but also to wherever my job takes me to. It is a pure thrill to be able to just live my life the way I’m truly supposed to do, but it also takes a lot of organization and will to just stop a bit, return to your roots and just breath.

I’ve just given myself a day off, not in Madrid, but in Porto, my homeland. In Portugal days have been extremely sunny, warm and full of a sort of Spring scent, making them the ideal ambiance to take on the most positive energies and just prepare myself for what I have in store for the upcoming days (aren’t you already?).

I’m a beach girl (ok, you noticed this during my Maldives trip) and for that reason I went back to one my favorite places on earth and just stroll around.Took that sandy and salty inspiration into consideration and I just seized the day by picking up of my newest and freshest additions – my super comfortable, edgy and denim elevated shorts from OFF-WHITE. The shorts have two super interesting details; the zip gives it a messy and young vibe and the ripped bottom gives it a western attitude which I saw it as an opportunity to complement it with my on-going-can’t-stop-wearingthese- Fendy-boots. I’m not a logo maniac, but these are a statement and a must-have thanks to its country inspired design and structure. To really add my own signature to the look, I simply relied on my everyday jewelry and my hair clips, without (ever) forgetting my Nile leather shoulder bag from Chloé.

It felt good to be home. It felt like my batteries were fully charged for the next adventures.

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