02 Mar 2019

PFW- Balmain AW19/20

Cláudia Diniz

Paris Fashion Week is, probably, my favourite fashion week of all. I mean, since I was a kid my grandmother and my mother always told me about the Parisien lifestyle and the glamour they were used to see during the years they have lived in France. From my early age I was connected to fashion as my grandmother was the one who did all the dresses to my mother and my aunties! Seeing their pictures when they were kids made me feel wanting to have lived on their times!! They looked so cute!! Who doesn’t love to be surrounded by art, architecture and above all, romance? Like I thought, no one.

My agenda is going to take me around the entire city, at least from the 1st up to the 4th arroundissement, giving a stronger leverage to emergent brands and covering pretty big names like, that is right, Balmain. This isn’t, definitely, my first drill but the pressure (in a very good way) is always on.

My Friday morning has started with some me-time since I had a superb team doing my hair and mymake-up to make sure that was at my best self representing my dear friend Oliver. For his show I decided to dress myself as a classy and elegant little piece of mint gum, mainly characterized for one of this top-notch SS19 trends, mint. The key-elements that I really think are worth ofemphasizing are the zippers at the bottom of the pants and the hoodie attached to the beautiful and delicate blazer, both incredibly associated to a more urban feel, seriously calling for that “army” mood that is constantly present at Balmain’s shows. A dichotomy, I know, but isn’t Oliver all about that?

On the opposite spectrum of the colour palette, the show was painted in black and covered with different metals studs. From striking oversized blazers to origami-structures skirts, from bikers to vests, from bags to sharp-toed boots, studs were the hero of the morning alongside many others dichotomies that proved to elevate the women of today by giving them attitude and a sort of “trouble-maker” personality. The paradox remains in the fact that she can also be sweet andromantic, just like my outfit.

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