19 Mar 2019

Chanel – My timeless homage to Karl

Cláudia Diniz

My first Chanel Show will be forever in my heart, not because it was simply my first, but mainly because it brilliantly reflected every emotion the industry had been carrying  since Karl’s departure. 

Being at home brought the emotions I felt when mesmerizing the beautiful Grand Palais covered in snow. Porto was sunnier, was warmer and was more colorful than ever. In a sense, I guess the exact opposite mood was the very reason that made me search for a different styling signature. Not an implicit Parisian one, not.

Karl was a German man living a French exquisite lifestyle. I wanted him to feel my laidback reinterpretation of my love for Chanel, so I styled the classic tweed jacket with black cycling shorts and my patent leather cowboy boots.  I brought my baguette-inspired look to  Porto, so I left the je ne sais quois aside and place my bets on a little twist. 

Perhaps he felt Portugal through me. Perhaps he understood my homage.

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