25 Mar 2019

SS19 Trends101

Cláudia Diniz

For those that have been paying attention, I’ve been working hard of my public-speaking skills. After being invited to work on a styling and trend forecasting workshop at El Corte Inglés Portugal, I must say that I met my most social-self. It was fun and engaging, giving me the opportunity to interact and meet personally with some of you, followers, without whom I wouldn’t be where I am today.

One thing that I’ve realized at the event and when introducing some of the key-trends for this Spring is that, and although women fall in love with them very easily, they don’t actually know how to incorporate them into their daily-lives. Of course, we can love a neon green, but how exactly can we place it on a day-to-day corporate lifestyle? Yes, we do love the fun of Ski sunglasses, but can a mom be come to the day care center without looking like a ski professional athlete? For that reason I thought about a round-up of the most easy and strategic trends so you can easily push them to your ordinary closet – I know, you welcome.

Starting from the very basics, you want to know with what colours you should paint your wardrobe with and the thing is, you are pretty much allowed to go from neutrals to a lot of neon rainbows.
Nevertheless, you should know that mint is the new Millennial-pink and that neutrals tones, going from ivory to a sort of butter-cream yellow, are allowed and welcome when styled in a monochrome momentum.

When it comes to patterns, well, tie-dye is an endless reason for a more vibrant and playful touch when the week ahead requires a more strict styling concept. Believe me, you can be mean business without bringing your tailored pencil skirt and blazer army. The snake pattern is another winner, not only because it made its way from Winter but also because it was spotted among the strongest runway shows. If you feel that it might be too overwhelming for you, try to bring this patter as a mere accessory, like shoes, a handbag or even a headband.

Speaking of accessories, and praying for a constant parade of sunny days, you should know that barely there sandals are a elegant and comfortable way to keep you fresh and stylish. As seen on the Row, Céline and even Saint Laurent, these are here to stay and to evolve into even more beautifully made pieces. Hair wise, it is time for a sprinkle of salt. Sea shell inspired hair- clips are, definitely, a staple.

But what type of style and fit do you prefer? Are you more into a boxe inspired shape or do you prefer a timeless tailored outfit? Tibi and Gabriella Hearst teach women to be famine by including and adopting a more masculine and tough language without there connection to delicacy. Truth be told, it is time for sharp shoulders and instigated lines and Louis Vuitton presented that in an iconic way.

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