10 Apr 2019

A Raw Perspective – by Miguel Ângelo

Cláudia Diniz

A few days ago I had the absolute chance to work with one my dearest photographers ever and, pretty much due to his upcoming project, I thought about giving it a go.After all, it is not everyday that you get the chance to be shot by such an exquisite and internationally well-known photographer, not for a project with such liberating and fresh criteria such as this one.

The invitation came naturally and was given by Miguel himself, and what a honor, right? He didn’t say much at first but I think the idea was exactly that, to surprise and let me be myself. Have you ever wondered about yourself? Your inner and most truthful self? Are you often able to see yourself by capturing your most core essence without any filter, any alteration whatsoever? The project focus itself on that exact fundamental premise and I believe in it’s profoundness, rareness and accuracy when it comes to this current social times.

His project, called RAW.SPECTIVE includes more than 100 pieces under the motto “The Future is Natural” and portrays more than 60 Portuguese Personalities at the Centro Cultural de Cascais, in a true retrospective of this last decade. Miguel believes in photography without the constant manipulation of its lights, colors and make-up and hair editions. He, and as a true fan of naturalness, worked towards images based on the concept of pureness and rawness, two
characteristics that led him to give up on post-production. Women and men shot by him had, obviously, to choose how they would want to be on the set since they understood that the real capture was their most wild and unpolished, yet beautiful, self.

One of may favorite curiosities lies on that fact that this project is entirely connected with his love for light. For years, the main goals of any photographer is to learn how to bet manipulate the light, how to take the most of any ray of light. Here, Miguel surrounded himself to the natural light that simply came into his studio. The “raw” element came with the intimacy and the addition on smoke and/or baby powder, items that shine through a darker ambience.

I simply loved the final result.
For the first time, in a very long time, a felt no pressure about myself, about my expectations or “obligations” towards others, my daily life or my professional demanding agenda. I was myself, I was simply me, myself and I. And how transformative this entire experience was to me, as an individual and woman.
Thank you Miguel.

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