20 Apr 2019

When you happen to be on trend when preparing your breakfast

Cláudia Diniz

The current state of society has really been more positive than it actually is right now, however, and avoiding the deepest concerns about general matters priorities, one thing is for sure. People have been keeping their loyalty to denim, which is such a marvelous thing if you truly think about think. Everybody owns denim, after all, denim is such a old player when it comes to this so called fashion-endless-and-sometimes-very-confusing-game. I’m no Mister Miyagi here, but I’m absolute sure that denim can be both contemporary and vintage, which add such a cool factor to the outfit.

I’m a very chameleonic woman since I like to really experiment and experience multiple styles, always going back and forth with colour schemes and fabrics, and for that matter, there are multiple pieces that simply aren’t able to serve a given purpose or situation, right? That don’t quite happen when denim is key.

When I am at home I feel myself. I do. I have a deep connection with the ocean so I’m around it, normally it finds its way to influence my style and outfit on that particular day. Like a fews day ago. I felt quite driven towards my Tommy Hilfiger denim jacket and I really wanted to pair it my jeans and just hang out at my apartment while doing my pretty mundane things – meaning, preparing my breakfast and cleaning up my mess after that, after all, a kitchen does not clean by itself, right ladies?

I felt so free, so incredibly radiant and honestly, beautiful. Denim has that simple and youthful impact on me and on my day since, and particularly speaking about that day, it suddenly felt right to go around the house like I was in a Tommy’s commercial.

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