27 Apr 2019

4 bikinis brands that will make your summer much better

Cláudia Diniz

Have you just noticed that Summer is truly right at the corner? I don’t know about you, but I like to define myself as a sun lover, a woman that loves to take advantage of every ray of sun, of every splash of salty water. I mean, who hasn’t set foot at the beach way before June 21st? Who hasn’t felt courageous for invading the beach in their whitest and palest version ever? Well, like I said, I have.

For those of you that love to play a serious bikini-game from the very first days of pre-summer, the following tips are going to be life-changing, so you can all thank me (maybe latter, since I’m no focused on choosing the best styles for you). Remember, you can always play with mix and match so you can have ore options as you go, but between us, there is no such thing as too many bikinis.


Matteau has such a minimalistic way of bringing my dreams to life. They are able to offer a full range of beach complements, so you can have your stunning swimwear and beachwear, all in one scroll. This peachy one piece is going to look great on you if you skin tends to get golden.

Hunzag London

I fell in love with these two-piece bikini thanks to it’s exquisite colour (metallic cocoa) and to the fact that we actually have to expect a 7 days waiting period because of it’s handmade aspect. Plus, the bikini top has a truly practical and casual looks, you can actually go from the beach to a city roof-top party with no limits whatsoever.

Cru Swimwear

This one brought me serious The Blue Lagoon vibes. It’s knit materials and handmade flowery touches are incredibly beautiful and add a breathtaking paradisiac-lost-island feeling to your hometown beach. The final touch is given by it’’s beautiful opened back, a wonderful and refreshing cut out so you can get your perfect tan.

Zulu & Zephyr

For a long time, high waisted bottoms were perceived as ideal for women that wanted to hide a bit of their waists or their tummies, however, I must tell you that I found them absolutely classy, tasteful and beautifully sophisticated. As for me, I love to see them in neutral colours so having them in white just brings the entire beach mood to a new entire level.

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